Fitness Engineers NY


Welcome to Fitness Engineers NY. My name is Christian Montalvo and I am a health coach based out of New York City.   I developed this website to provide exercise programs and help provide awareness to living a healthier life.  I come across individuals who struggle not knowing what exercises to perform, how to properly perform exercises and why they are performing the exercises.  In addition I will be constructing tools such as  online exercise programs, an exercise library, information in regards to your health,  the names and locations in which you can purchase nutritious organic foods; giving you a great combination in order to live a healthier life. My goal is to provide a learning tool and promote good health. No gimmicks!

Posted by Christian Montalvo on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Receive the information, process the information and apply a response. Sometimes thinking kills you. Follow your instincts. See it all the way. Learn and build from your mistakes. Mistakes leads to growth. Sign up for a FREE session now!!! Simply email me at