Fitness Engineers NY


Welcome to Fitness Engineers NY. My name is Christian Montalvo and I am a health coach based out of New York City.   I developed this website to provide guidance  to live a healthier life. Our bodies need exercise to maintain our organs like our heart and  musculature.

The need of  adequate nutrition is important very important.  Incorporating nutritious food complimented with physical conditioning may be the one umbrella in health that is still under utilize in medical treatments. Diet, sleep and exercise helps maintain metabolism balance, keeping our energy systems running.

I am also building an  exercise library, that may be used as building blocks to a more optimal body.   My goal is to provide a learning tool and promote good health.

Posted by Christian Montalvo on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Receive the information, process the information and apply a response. Sometimes thinking kills you. Follow your instincts. See it all the way. Learn and build from your mistakes. Mistakes leads to growth. Sign up for a FREE session now!!! Simply email me at