Energy Metabolism

Energy Metabolism is the process that triggers an important reaction allowing the transfer of an important molecule called ATP.  Food is fuel you for the body. You feed it well and your body will thank you for it.  I help with basic nutrition set up. Learning how to eliminate or moderate unnecessary foods and substituting more nutritious foods, can help your improve your body.

Incorporating an exercise routine will only enhance your well being.  Everyone should be participating in some type of conditioning in their lives.  Depending on your circumstances some may have some limitations, but there is always something you can work on.  Got to have faith. Conditioning the body and the mind is important. Forming better habits or patterns helps improve your life.  Everything we do continuously becomes ingrained in the nervous system and  can be difficult to un-wire our habits. Patterns start to formulate and some may not be too good for us. It may not help us achieve of what we want to achieve.

Make healthier choices by eating organic foods is really the best way to go. Might be expensive but your treating your body right. If you are not able to buy organic foods, simply making healthier choices will be beneficial.  Unfortunately some of the foods we consume contain chemicals that aren’t healthy for the body.

I give provide information on how to manage your food intake according to the goals you have your sight on.  Remember everything worth having is a process. In order to get to where you need to be it takes time and effort.   I explain how to slowly manage blood sugar with the foods you eat.



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