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Stabilization Endurance Exercises

Great integrative exercise.  Working on spinal alignment, inner abdominal muscles, shoulders retracted touching ground, while having shoulders externally rotated. while Integrating shoulder joint stabilization,  core musculature Helps counteract rounding shoulders. One tip before performing this exercise is that you work on loosening hip flexor muscles and work on hip mobility. If this exercise is don’t frequently you can put the hip flexors in a more shortened position which will only strengthen sitting position.  You don’t want that.  Sitting hurts our posture and health. Working on both posterior and anterior chains are important helping the body maintain muscular balance.


Floor bridge works to strengthen your lower back and helps “wake up”the deep pelvic floor muscles.  When we sit our lower back becomes lengthened and deep muscles of the butt become weak and in active.  That is counter productive! Your deep pelvic floor muscles and gluteus maximus help us maintain upright position.  When we are getting up from sitting the gluteus maximus helps with extension. If you are experiencing what is called the “piriformis syndrome” then this is not an exercise you should be performing. Piriformis syndrome is a muscle deep inside the gluteus that spasms and irritates the sciatic nerve.

The “Prone Cobra” again a great exercise integrating lower back strength, firing of gluteus and here your working on shoulder retraction.  Shoulder retraction and shoulder external rotation is important especially if you are someone that sits all day and have rounded shoulders.  This helps counteract the rounding of the shoulders. For women with a large chest this should be done on a swiss or yoga ball not on the ground.