Health and Fitness Tips

Weight Loss

Some often struggle with weight loss often because lack of energy being expended and too much energy being consumed.  One way to increase weight loss is to increase movement by using arm motion such as those who practice sprint and marathon training. Arm movement will enable you tap into your metabolic system that much more.

In fact adding arm swings will indeed burn more calories than walking with your arms extended, at your sides.  According to arm mechanics is recommended to keep arms 70 (flexing elbows) and 120 degrees (more extension in the elbow) while emphasizing range of motion.  Another important aspect as you swing your arms during walking or running is shifting in the hips.  This in turn helps produce more energy and guess what? Burn more calories.


Interval Training 

Increasing your pace can be beneficial allowing to expend calories.  Good way to help condition your body is by applying interval training. It is critical FIRST to cementing a base line of cardiovascular conditioning. Depending on your level you may want to start off with low intensity exercises, gradually and safely increase intensity while paying close attention to your rest period.


Therefore increasing your pace along with adding more motion such as arm movement (like a runner) will definitely help burn extra calories, extra calories will get you closer to pounds lost. Taking your time eating can be very beneficial by increasing satiety and helps you feel full longer.