Featured Programs

I am an experienced trainer that continues to build fitness programs, which include fat lost, posture, flexibility, conditioning, lean muscle building and more.  If you are currently working with a physical therapist, physician or medical team please continue to do so.  Do not attempt to adhere to any of my programs without consulting with your physician.

Postural Corrective Exercises

Are specific exercises that target muscular imbalances and are aimed to improve posture. These exercises will help impact strength, integrate core muscles and help minimize pain. This also may help improve your physical and psychological performance leading to an increase in efficiency, strength and more.

Strength and Conditioning

This program is based on a custom exercise prescription that aim to improve strength, power and athletic development; improving overall performance while reducing the chance of injury. Athletes use this form of training to prepare during the preseason, season and post season.

Strength Endurance

Having the capacity to produce and maintain force for  an amount of time.  Great program that improves strength, the cardiovascular system, lactate threshold, Vo2 max and it helps build lean muscle.


A custom exercise prescription aimed at muscular growth; manipulating volume; repetitions and sets along with  {weight}; all while providing specific recovery time.

Sport Specific Exercises

An exercise prescription replicating sport movement while operating  in a weight room or in a sports facility or outdoor setting. Sports specific exercises aim to improve athletic performance.

Weight Loss

It is A combination of an exercise prescription, and a diet that aims to get to negative calorie deficits. The less energy you consume and burn the more weight you will lose.  Monitoring daily metabolic demands is also very important. Key components are, the intake of energy and expenditure of energy through food.