Personal Training Sessions

In addition, I provide one on one training.  These  sessions are 1 hr long and are based on clients goals and areas in which need improvement. Workouts can consist of speed & agility, strength & conditioning, endurance, sport specific, plyometric training, core strengthening, body fat reduction, postural corrective exercises and more. 

Session Breakdown

Minimum amount of classes

6 Sessions= $180.00

Advanced Packages Discounted Rates Apply

12 Sessions = $330 ($30.00 off original price of $360) + 1 Free Assessment

16 Sessions = $430 ($50.00 off original price of 480) + 1 Free Session + Meal Plan (Based on food pyramid)

24 Sessions = $650 ($70.00 off original price of $720) 1 Free fitness assessment + 2 free sessions + Meal plan (Based on food pyramid)

Prices are described above. Meal plans are only offered for certain packages. Meal plan also depends on your health condition. If you are working with a dietician please continue to do so.

Any cancellations of sessions must be placed 24 hours in advanced. This gives us enough time to communicate. Alerting me ahead of time will allow for you to retain your session. Please be advised if cancellation notice is not placed within 24 hours upon your session, you will lose your session. This is an affective way to have clients comply with punctuality, attendance and organization.

Sessions for advance packages will be retainable as far as 2 months. Keep in contact with me if anything changes.

Meal plans also depend on your health condition. If you have any food allergies, or medical conditions that may be affected by consuming certain foods, then I will ask for you to make an appointment with a dietician or a nutritionist. If you are working with a dietician please continue to do so.

Payments of sessions are due ONE WEEK before your scheduled session. There are no refunds.  To schedule any session email us at We accept debit cards, credit cards and cash! All sessions are paid IN PERSON.

Thank you for participating and I promise to give you my all.  Enjoy your workout!

Thank you,

Christian Montalvo